Outdoor Campers

Slide-on Campers are a very popular way for people to go away for a weekend or take a tour for 3 months, and still have a work ute when you get home.

  • Tow your Boat or Trailer
  • No rego, no tyres, no worries
  • Go out for a night out with friends and stay,
  • no motels needed
  • Easy parking
  • Easy storage when not in use

We believe there is still a need for a high quality product to suit the needs of our customers.
Combining our skills and designs with your requirements, we can give you exactly what you want to make your purchase a valid investment.


We also build a “Shell” which is built to lock up stage. All wires are pulled through neat and tidy, and you can build the interior at your own pace and design. We are happy to help with components for the inside project of your Camper.


All our interiors are built with your needs in mind; we work closely with our clients and incorporate their own wants and ideas into their individual Camper, also their own colour design, in respect of Laminex, Cushion Fabric, Curtains or Blinds, and Cupboard Finishes.

We can put in as much or as little as you want or need, we have a large range of extras to choose from and are happy to utilize and special equipment you may already have.

We all want something different, but most of all we want to be confident in the Glide-on Camper that you have chosen, we want to help you achieve that feeling.